Sanctuary Yoga Studio AustinSanctuary Yoga is an intimate yoga studio that offers an intentional space devoted to personal growth and the upliftment of humanity. Nestled under a canopy of ancient oak trees, Sanctuary Yoga is Austin’s only non-profit yoga studio. Proceeds from each yoga class benefit the youth programs of the Amala Foundation (www.amalafoundation.org) which inspire the youth of the world to live in unity, service compassionately and lead peacefully.

Sanctuary Yoga honors the essence of yoga by offering classes that go beyond asanas – beyond the physical practice of yoga. Our classes address the heart of yoga by also incorporating nourishing breathing and meditation practices that honor the roots of yoga – service (seva)

Sanctuary Yoga is about true transformation through practice. It’s a space to be who you are, as you are – a space that invites complete authenticity, a space that nurtures, inspires and renews.

Simply put: Our yoga classes offer you an opportunity to grow as a human being while impacting the youth of the world.

Why Sanctuary Yoga?

-Proceeds from each yoga class benefit the youth of Austin and the world.

-You won’t find a more beautiful setting for yoga – come see for yourself.

-An intimate space – unlike some yoga studios that cram 50-70 people in a class, our space is smaller, with classes ranging from 5-15 people at a time.

About The Amala Foundation

Amala FoundationThe Amala Foundation is a humanitarian service organization that inspires the diverse youth of the world to live in unity, serve compassionately and lead peacefully.

The Amala Foundation encourages youth to lead and serve with a heart-centered, global perspective, living in recognition that sustainable peace begins within. All of Amala’s youth programs are a place for empowerment and healing. Many of the youth we serve, including refugee and immigrant children, have experienced poverty, religious persecution, child labor, gang violence, and neglect; some have witnessed the atrocities of war and have literally run for their lives; many have been uprooted from their native cultures and struggle to integrate into an entirely foreign world. Amala provides a safe space for these youth to heal, express themselves, share their stories and connect with a loving and supportive community.

The Amala Foundation is involved in a number of local, national, and international humanitarian service projects. Camp Indigo was started in 2001 and is now in its 13th year of offering a week-long day camp experience to Austin area children ages 4-12. Camp Mana, now in its eighth year, offers a similar experience over two days in Hawaii. Amala’s One Village Project, including the Global Youth Peace Summit, is in its 7th year and serves more than 150 local, immigrant, international and refugee youth each year. Young Artists in Service provides free art instruction to at-risk children in addition to creating inspiring murals at places like the Austin Children’s Shelter.

The Gui Village Living Water Program was a humanitarian service project Amala successfully completed in 2005,  installing two water wells in a Nigerian village, saving 3,500 people (including 2,000 children) from disease.  A partnership with the Bhatti Mines School in Delhi, India helps ensure 200 Indian children a day are receiving an education instead of being forced into child labor.

While the Amala Foundation aims to serve the youth of the world, we are not a humanitarian service organization that only serves one group, population or community.  We are not limited by a singular mission.  We respond to needs as they arise, whether in our own community or in communities that cross our path.