Authentic Movement – A Workshop on 4/30 with Lauren Tietz

Posted on: March 25th, 2013
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Authentic Movement with Lauren TiezThe basic human desire and need to be recognized and accepted is one of the driving forces of life. This authentic movement work can tap into that profound thirst that we often carry to be seen, truly as we are, without disguise – a thirst perhaps stemming from experiences of not having been seen enough earlier in life (or having been seen in negative ways). Within this desire to be seen/known, there can also exist a fear of truly being seen as we are, with all of our perceived flaws – a fear of exposure. I believe authentic movement facilitates a deeper sense of safety and trust within oneself and in relationship to others. Through the intelligence of the body/mind and heart, we can come home to an inner knowing, a deep wisdom and truth, at our own pace. As such, the experience can range from tender stillness, restful and soft, to wild or light-hearted, to playful, awkward, sad, joyous etc. It is in this journey through witnessing and being witnessed, that we are reminded to make room for the whole of our experience: for a renewed integration of intimacy with all the parts of ourselves.

Lauren is offering an authentic movement workshop this weekend 4/30 2-4pm. More info here.

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