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Yoga Journeys | Yoga Instructor Christine Catalano

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yoga journeys yoga journey series

Welcome to the Yoga Journeys Series with Sanctuary Yoga instructor Christine Catalano!

Everyone’s experiences are different, and everyone begins their yoga practice for different reasons and from a different place in their life. In this series, we will be shining the spotlight on our incredible yoga instructors, who pour their heart and soul into each class every single day. By allowing the instructors to share stories from their own practice about their individual journeys, we hope to inspire our students to embrace and enjoy their own unique yoga journeys.

We are so excited to begin this series with a look into Christine’s journey. In the time that she has been at Sanctuary Yoga, she has proven to be enthusiastically passionate about sharing the power of yoga with others. She has witnessed how the disciplined action of mindfulness practiced on the mat transforms the way we relate to the world around us, and she continues to be inspired by the healing freedom that yoga has to offer.

yoga journeys yoga journey seriesHow long have you been teaching at Sanctuary Yoga?

Less than two months.

What is your favorite part of teaching?

I think my favorite part of teaching is making a difference in someone’s day – it is so rewarding for me. Guiding a student’s mind, body, and spirit through a life-altering practice is just so powerful.

How has being a yoga instructor changed your own personal practice?

Teaching yoga is amazing; not only do I get to connect with my students, but I have found that I practice with so much more intention and focus. That practice of mindfulness has been really rewarding, as I’ve seen it begin to transfer off my mat and into my day-to-day life.

How/Where/When did you begin your personal yoga journey?yoga journeys yoga journey series

My yoga journey began three years ago as just another form of exercise. I was a member of Gold’s Gym, but I was getting really bored with basic cardio and weight lifting. I really wanted to try something new. Very quickly after I started practicing yoga, I began to notice how strong I felt – both physically and mentally – after I practiced, and I wanted to keep that feeling. A friend introduced me to a couple of studios in Austin, each staffed with such authentically vibrant and passionate instructors. I always left their classes feeling so encouraged. The turning point in my yoga journey was when I attended the Wanderlust Festival in Austin 2014. Being surrounded by all things yoga for three straight days was so intoxicating that I just knew I had found something special.