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Yoga and Mandala Drawing

Posted on: July 16th, 2013
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Yoga and Mandala Drawing is taught by Anstasia Grebnova. Anastasia received her yoga teacher certification from Kripalu Center, the largest & most established center for yoga and holistic living in the U.S. Anastasia has also been a professional painter for over ten years. She has been fascinated with mandalas as a macro / micro reflection of our inner universe. Her workshop combining Yoga and mandala drawing comes out of the yoga and painting experience.

The Yoga portion of this workshop is true to Hatha Yoga where poses are held for longer periods of time, allowing the body to open and relax. The sequences are designed to help move the spine in several directions. Guided deep relaxation is followed by mandala drawing at the end of the class.Specific poses included:• Lower back poses and hip openers
• Seated sequences head and neck movements
• Cat series
• Hip openers
• Seated spinal twist
• Standing positions
• Guided Deep relaxation (Yoga Nidra)

This workshop leads the participant through experiments that can awaken their sense of touch, weight, space and movement, the doorways to personal expression. We are our own teachers as we share images, insights and experiences. This workshop is about using your curiosity to discover what your body wants to show you.

We explore our bodies’ response to movement / weight / texture /space / seeing. We learn from ourselves and each other. This is a workshop for anyone who is curious to see what their innate expression looks like on the page.

Everyone is welcome.

Cost $20; Save your spot, register here:[start_date]=2013-07-27
Regular class passes do not apply towards paying for workshops.

Yoga Dance: What is it?

Posted on: June 7th, 2013
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fun- dance_optRecently, Jonathan, our valiant yoga teacher wrangler (i.e. manager of Sanctuary Yoga), called me and said, “I have an open slot on the schedule, Mondays 10-11:30 a.m. You like to do that yoga and dance thing. Do you want to add a Yoga Dance class?” Now there’s something you should know about me; I have a habit of saying YES to things if they sound cool, even if I haven’t thought them all the way through yet. In other words, I’m a leap then think kind of gal! So of course I said yes and then put the phone down and thought, “What the heck should a Yoga Dance class look like?”
Jonathan was right; I do like to do that yoga dance thing! When I was a kid I was a figure skater, dancer, drill team denizen, cheerleader, second-liner, etc. Today, I’m a serious yogini who’s nonetheless always looking for an excuse to shake it and jump it in the yoga studio. So, come join me on Monday mornings at the Sanctuary and let’s find lots of excuses to shake it and jump it in the prettiest yoga studio in town!

Here’s some of what we’ll do in Yoga Dance: Dance to Mantra; Explore the Intersections between Hatha Flow & Dance; Take on Kundalini Kriyas that include Dance; Play with Body and Hand Mudras in Motion; Explore the Hatha Yoga Asana known as Dancer! Each class will be different! Each class will be an adventure! So come join me and help define Yoga Dance at the Sanctuary! And come join every day at the Sanctuary to explore Yoga in its grand diversity!

See you Monday’s at 10:00am!



Power Yoga!

Posted on: June 3rd, 2013
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Power Yoga can create the highest level of energy, vitality and freedom. The way to do this is by working with yourself, not against. By working hard mindfully, we honor our body and respect our boundaries. In this way, we create an atmosphere conducive to natural expansion and growth. Focus isn’t on pushing past our edge to get to a place where, or to obtain results we’ve been brainwashed into thinking we need to be in order to have happiness!

We’re all different: different faces, shapes, sizes, personalities. We shouldn’t have the same bodies. Our genetics and life experiences make us unique. True health and vitality arises when we stop comparing and competing, and start listening to the voice within. We don’t need to have the “best body” we need to have our own body. By quieting the controlling mind, we can listen to the innate wisdom that waits to be heard.

A fitness routine based on goals and results feeds your ego, not your spirit. By satisfying the ego, you actually become more vulnerable, more susceptible to the everyday occurrences that are beyond control. By feeding your ego, you ignore what you honestly need. Consequently, you end up working against yourself and your goal of health, and create more imbalance.

Yoga was created to promote stillness in the mind in order to free the wisdom. Some still use it for this purpose. Further, yoga is a tool that creates balance in life.  In order to create this balance, the imbalances need to be exposed and destroyed. This is challenging, yet possible. Unfortunately, many people don’t seem to want to do the work necessary to create harmony, perhaps because balance can’t be measured and doesn’t make them look better in a bikini. As long as we approach our yoga practice by listening carefully to what the body needs and by moving away from any existing ideas of where our ego wants this body to be, our initial experience can be wholly satisfying.

“Power Yoga can teach about ourselves equally in Tadasana (Mountain Pose) as in Adho Mukha Vrksasana (Handstand)”

images-1                                      images


The hardest part of the practice of yoga can be honoring our bodies and what they need in this moment. Too often we find ourselves slipping back into our old habits of goal orientation and self-criticism. Goal orientation, which sometimes sounds like,  “I’ll be happy when,” leads you away from the present. Looking outside yourself for happiness doesn’t work.  Why? Because happiness, or wholeness, has to come from within. And wholeness comes with acceptance of Right Now!

Power yoga class helps to create optimal physical health by enlivening and invigorating the entire body, ending dormancy, strengthening the weak links, and releasing tension. It also energizes the mind and provides a safe, controlled environment for working on all the negative issues that are exposed. Because the body is a direct manifestation of the mind, as we heal our mind, our bodies naturally follow. Also, our bodies are subject to the laws of nature. Eventually they will dry up and blow away, because all matter is in a state of flux. Yet it seems our minds are subject to no laws. As far as we know, our minds are limitless. So it makes sense that through yoga poses we start to hone and strengthen the unlimited aspect of ourselves, our minds! This leads us into a whole new place of connectedness, balance and satisfaction.


Joni N.

Joni teaches Power yoga Tuesdays 10:30-11:45am
Joni also teaches beginners classes Wed and Fri noon-1:00pm

Kristin Bagby teaches Power Yoga Wednsdays 10:30-11:45am

What is Yoga?

Posted on: May 9th, 2013
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“Yoga is the cessation of the fluctuations of the mind.” ~ Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

Have you ever asked yourself, ‘What is Yoga?’ The word yoga (sanskrit for union) first appeared in writing over 5000 years ago to describe an experience of enlightenment through spiritual practice. How exactly this is done has been codified and evolved over the years into what we now know of as yoga. Interestingly, the oldest texts included no mention of the asanas (postures) so commonly associated with modern yoga. There has always been something more, beyond the physical forms, that yoga is a path towards. So what were these original seekers and yogis doing, how did it evolve, and why are their practices still relevant today?

These are timeless questions that will come up again and again throughout this blog as we explore the question, ‘What is Yoga?’ The purpose of the Amala Foundation, the Sanctuary, and the many spiritual traditions represented in our community. For now, I invite you to take a few deep breaths and explore these questions in self-inquiry:

What is your spiritual practice?
How has it evolved?
Why is it relevant to your life?

Jeremy Devens current teaches at Sanctuary Yoga Thursdays at 6:30am and Fridays at 4pm


Free Yoga Introduction to Shakti Naam Yoga

Posted on: April 24th, 2013
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SHAKTI NAAM YOGA will be presented for the very first time here in Austin, Texas at this free yoga introduction. SHAKTI NAAM YOGA is a powerful yoga as taught by Dr. Joseph Michael Levry. Introduction and classes will be presented by International Yoga Teacher Trainer, Courtney Miller of NAAM YOGA, Los Angeles.

Join us for this Free Yoga Introduction to Shakti Naam Yoga!

SHAKTI NAAM is a sophisticated, elegant and extremely healing form of yoga hardly known to the western world and practiced by yogic masters of the Himalayas in secret. During the class you will receive direct access to this advanced form of yoga, including techniques designed specifically for this Age to nurture your health, build your energy and slow down the aging process. This 2-hour class is suitable for all students of every age, health and fitness level.

SHAKTI NAAM yoga enhances the body’s capacity to nourish itself. much like a tree, with high quality prana, bringing oxygen to the brain, strengthening the heart, clearing the energetic paths of the body and detoxifying and nourishing the organs. Vast amounts of high quality energy are released in the body through the breath that provides the neuro-endocrine and immune system with the capacity for beneficial change. – Dr. Levry

Additional 90 minute classes will be held at Sanctuary Yoga on Saturday 4/27,
2 PM – 3:30PM & Sunday 4/28, 10 AM –11:30AM.

Single Yoga Class $15.00 per class or take 2 – 90 minute classes for $20.00

Revitalizing Life Through Forrest Yoga

Posted on: February 20th, 2013
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forrest yoga austin imageWhen people ask me what Forrest Yoga is, I inevitably have to explain, “No, it has nothing to do with a bunch of hippies wandering around the woods doing tree pose.” For me however, Forrest Yoga did actually have everything to do with getting lost in what my teacher Ana Forrest calls the Great Mystery and finding my way out and back again through this beautifully healing system of yoga.

Ana designed this practice specifically to support modern-day physical and spiritual challenges. We address a lot of physical ailments plaguing our people today – such as neck, shoulder, wrist and low back pain and tension. Since we sequence very thoughtfully with adequate warm-up (and we get VERY warm…you’ll learn quickly to love the fun of Forrest abs), it’s a great style for playfully honing advanced poses as well. There is also a powerful focus on pranayama and developing a fascination with our own breath.

I discovered Forrest Yoga while working as a manager at a global public relations agency (an industry that was somehow voted the second most stressful job in America). Over those seven years, I developed a deep and personal relationship with stress and realized that we are literally making ourselves sick with it – losing sight of what really works for us in favor of just plain working all the time.

Forrest Yoga was built to help combat the type of pains that come with climbing a corporate ladder – including spending countless hours hunched over a desk, stuck in traffic and texting on the latest device of the day. My practice saved me and inspired me to make it my mission to help others feel as empowered and energized in their bodies in whatever life ladders they choose to climb.

By becoming a Forrest yogi, I’ve opened myself up to so many new possibilities of life and learned to ask myself every day, “What’s going to work?”

And in the words of Ana Forrest herself:

“It’s a great question to ask. Feel for all the places that have that rigid ‘I know’ attitude and all of the defenses that are upheld by that as well. Put it down. And yes, by now, you probably do know a lot.

Cup your hands together as if you are holding two handfuls of air. These two handfuls of air are a really great example of what we know. We work and we learn and we go to school and we have all of these life experiences. And all of this is in these two handfuls. Now, bring into your mindfulness how much air there is on this planet. And how far up the air goes. This is a great teacher of how much we know versus The Great Mystery. It also shows us how much we don’t know.

We have two good handfuls of information. But The Great Mystery is way bigger than what we know. It can be scary and it can be enchanting. Can you take the Truth of this Great Mystery and use it as part of your revitalizing?”

Post authored By Ashley Cheng

Revitalizing Life Through Forrest Yoga – Austin’s Own Sanctuary Yoga:

Mondays: 12:00pm-1:15
Tuesdays: 8:30am-9:45
Thursdays: 10:00am-11:30