Free Yoga Introduction to Shakti Naam Yoga

Posted on: April 24th, 2013
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SHAKTI NAAM YOGA will be presented for the very first time here in Austin, Texas at this free yoga introduction. SHAKTI NAAM YOGA is a powerful yoga as taught by Dr. Joseph Michael Levry. Introduction and classes will be presented by International Yoga Teacher Trainer, Courtney Miller of NAAM YOGA, Los Angeles.

Join us for this Free Yoga Introduction to Shakti Naam Yoga!

SHAKTI NAAM is a sophisticated, elegant and extremely healing form of yoga hardly known to the western world and practiced by yogic masters of the Himalayas in secret. During the class you will receive direct access to this advanced form of yoga, including techniques designed specifically for this Age to nurture your health, build your energy and slow down the aging process. This 2-hour class is suitable for all students of every age, health and fitness level.

SHAKTI NAAM yoga enhances the body’s capacity to nourish itself. much like a tree, with high quality prana, bringing oxygen to the brain, strengthening the heart, clearing the energetic paths of the body and detoxifying and nourishing the organs. Vast amounts of high quality energy are released in the body through the breath that provides the neuro-endocrine and immune system with the capacity for beneficial change. – Dr. Levry

Additional 90 minute classes will be held at Sanctuary Yoga on Saturday 4/27,
2 PM – 3:30PM & Sunday 4/28, 10 AM –11:30AM.

Single Yoga Class $15.00 per class or take 2 – 90 minute classes for $20.00

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