Bacon to Bikram: I’m Gonna Hatha…

Posted on: May 28th, 2013
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I’m Gonna Hatha…

May 17, 2013


According to Wikipedia, “the Sanskrit term hatha refers to the use of persistence or force”. And I didn’t eat a hearty breakfast? Oh man…


I’m sweaty.

sweaty back

Can you see? The picture doesn’t do justice to the sweat lines. You know when a drop of sweat gets in your eye and mixes with your mascara and your eyeball fluid and it burns like crazy? That happened, which means I was working pretty hard. So in the beginning, we did this position called child’s pose and it was uncomfortable for me. But then later, after we did all kinds of other stuff, like downward dog (which was not as graceful and simple as the movies make it seem), I was so grateful to get to go back to the child’s pose to take a break. I even had to wimp out on two moves early because my shoulders were burning. We did a lot of core work and lunge positions too, so I know that those parts of me will be sore tomorrow. This is a class that I am definitely gonna hatha take again.



Lessons Learned:
– I’m gonna hatha increase my protein intake.
– I’m gonna hatha start stretching in the mornings.
– I’m gonna hatha stop eating right before class.


Update: I was definitely sore. But not a painful kind of sore, rather a I’m-now-aware-of-muscles-I’ve-never-used-before sore, especially in my core. The next night while I was grocery shopping (in the organic, free range, gluten-free, meat-less section, of course), I suddenly became aware of my core. I don’t know how to describe it, but while I was walking around I realized that I had been drawing my belly button in and maintaining my posture. Wow! That must mean something cool. Also, if the picture of my back sweat was not impressive enough, here are some shots of my family doing yoga this past week…


Found my cousins like this in the garage. Arianna’s favorite style is “couch yoga”.



That’s my grandma Marnie on the left… Yeah, I said grandma.


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