Benefits of Postnatal Yoga Classes

Posted on: May 12th, 2015
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“No one else will ever know the strength of my love for you, after all, you’re the only one who knows what my heart sounds like from the inside.”


Any parent can tell you that giving birth and raising a child is no easy task. Despite the beautiful rewards that come from being a parent, adults need just as much love and care as children do so that they can better parent and heal their own bodies.

Our postnatal classes help support the female body’s recovery after birth. Rebuilding the pelvic floor and core, stretching tired bodies, and relaxation is what new mothers, and even fathers, can expect. These classes are not only designed for moms to bond with their babies, but also to connect with other new mothers who come to practice yoga in a supportive community environment.

“I think one of the more powerful things gained from mom and baby classes is a sense of community, a group of people you want to come see week after week even on those rough weeks when no one’s been sleeping and your household has erupted into streams of tears, teeth, and piles of unwashed laundry. From a physical standpoint, I think moms gain a sense of peacefulness when not all feels peaceful, and a sense of strength where strength is needed most: rehabilitating the pelvic floor, strengthening the spine and the deep core, keeping the legs strong, the ankles flexible, and helping the shoulders and upper spine to open and release.” ~ Mercedes Cooper (Mother and Sanctuary Yoga instructor).


“I think the beginning of motherhood can be a very isolating time for many new moms. It is a time of transition: fear, excitement, exhaustion, and joy. It is so important for women to feel like they can be surrounded by other women who are going through a similar time in their lives. To take it one step further, the physical practice of yoga combined with the emotional support of other women can be truly beneficial for postpartum depression. It is definitely more than just a workout, it is a time of connection to a woman’s self and to other women.” ~ Allie Marie Burnitt (Postnatal instructor at Sanctuary Yoga).

Every Wednesday from 9am to 10am we hold a Donation Postnatal with Baby Yoga class and every Thursday at the same time, we hold a Donation Parent and Toddler Yoga class. Postnatal with baby classes are appropriate for women four to six weeks postpartum. Doctor’s approval recommended and infants should be pre-crawlers. For parent and toddler classes, please bring a blanket for your child and any toys they are OK with sharing. Class is meant for parents and mobile children around 2 years old and younger.


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