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Posted on: March 29th, 2016
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Are you looking to get more out of your yoga practice? Sanctuary is now offering private yoga instruction to invite students to deepen their practice by working one-on-one with some of Austin’s best yoga teachers.

All of our teachers have different backgrounds as unique as each student in order to better serve our community. We offer these private sessions in the comfort of a quiet space above the studio, surrounded by a canopy of trees.


Life happens. Whether you are a new or experienced yogi, you may have obstacles within your body and your mind, perhaps from a difficult experience or injury. It can be hard to know how to modify your physical practice or learn how to quiet your mind without the help of a guide. Private yoga instruction will give you the tools to start where you are.

Benefits of Private Yoga Instruction:

  1. Awareness: Often times we go through the motions of yoga class without recognizing what is actually happening in our bodies. If it feels good, we keep moving. If it doesn’t feel good, we back off. This is just brushing the surface. When you practice alongside your teacher, you can get feedback about how you’re moving and learn ways to move more consciously, mindfully through your practice.
  2. Anatomy: Hopefully you are not currently dealing with any injuries, but as you get older, your likelihood to have issues in your body increases. That being said, the more you know, the better! Our teachers can teach you alignment principals and help you to learn to modify your practice according to what your body needs. Your practice will change as life changes, so understanding the inner-workings of your body is important to help you know when to back off and know when to challenge yourself. Private yoga instruction is also a fantastic way to learn what to do with injuries and stress.
  3. Tools: Have you ever wanted to develop an home practice? Learn sequences that you can take with you that will help you build towards that inversion you’ve been working towards. Want to learn how to do restorative yoga at home? Learn poses to calm your nervous system that you can practice after work. It’s a teacher’s job to give students to tools that enable and empower students to be successful in their practice. Want to learn how to meditate? We’ll guide you through it and give you tips along the way!

Your yoga practice has the potential to keep you well and sane during some of the most stressful times. Your practice can help ground you and show you where you’re stuck. Having the tools and knowledge will help you to know when to chill out and when to challenge yourself, on and off the mat. Our yoga teachers want you to succeed, whether it’s learning to do a hand stand or learning to relax.

Start where you are! Register online today!

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