Bacon to Bikram: Qigong

Posted on: May 23rd, 2013
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Sweet & Sour Chicken

Thursday, May 16th


Today I am supposed to take a Qi-Gong class. So last night, I looked it up and learned that “qi” is pronounced “chi” and that it had something to do with Chinese martial arts. Um, excuse me…martial arts? That doesn’t sound like something a beginner should just waltz in to. Not to mention that now I am REALLY craving sweet and sour chicken. But I can’t eat chicken, so hopefully sweet and sour tofu is a thing. So, on my way out the door at 7am this morning, this is how the conversation went…

Me: “Bye!”
Uncle Matt: “Have fun at yoga!”
Me: “Thanks!”
Aunt Em: “No, she’s doing Qigong today.”

Wait, I thought qigong was a style of yoga. Is it not? Or is my aunt just as out of the loop as me. Now, as I’m sitting here in the office watching people arrive for class, I get even more nervous because I see three guys and no girls. And I mean three guys that look like they are intense yoga-ers? Yogis? Yoga people. Here we go.



Yoga ≠ Qigong. Although the meditation type stuff seemed the same, but Qigong is focused on opening your heart. The instructor was super awesome at explaining everything and giving us not only the Chinese names but the English names as well, which are a lot easier to remember. Not that I remember any of them now, but I’m pretty sure that taking notes in the middle of class would throw of my qi (pronounced “chi”, remember?). Oh and also, my posture. So it still sucks pretty bad when I try and sit up straight. I know that can’t be normal but what I’m not sure of is whether or not it’s something that is just going to feel better as my posture gets better, or something I need to find a way to correct. But then, today in class, I noticed that the instructor and another one of the students were sitting on the edge of a folded up blanket. So I tried it and TA-DA, no more back pain. Too bad I only realized this at the end of the last seated exercise. Oh well, now I’ll know for next time. Peer pressure served me well today. Also, my arms and shoulders are probably definitely going to be sore tomorrow.



Lessons Learned:
– Peer pressure is not always bad.
– Tofu is a source of protein and has no cholesterol!


Update: My aunt made tofu stir fry for dinner! Right after I was questioning sweet and sour tofu! My family rocks.

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