Unlimited Monthly Membership: $80/month Auto-renewal, no expiration, cancel anytime(Members have free access to Greenbelt Yoga Hikes and receive 40% off workshops)

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Walk in Rate: $15

Donation Classes (12:15 PM & 1:30 PM) Suggested: $10-$25

Greenbelt Yoga Hikes: $20


Class Passes:

  1. 5 class pass: $65 ($13 per class)
  2. 10 class pass: $120 ($12 per class)

Class passes are good for one year.

New student introduction offers: 

  1. Introduction 2 Weeks: $30
  2. Introduction Month: $50


Have a Groupon voucher? You may redeem your voucher in person on your first day of class. You will not be able to sign up in advance for your first class. We recommend coming 10 minutes early to redeem your Groupon. Once your account is set up you will be able to sign up for classes in advance.

Vouchers are considered an introductory pass and you will not be eligible for other introductory offers directly from the studio.

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