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Yoga Nidra Day Retreat

Posted on: November 4th, 2019
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There’s something incredibly powerful about encountering just the right retreat at just the right time.
Rather than becoming another task on your to-do list—your practice becomes a refuge of wellness, a place for you to rest deeply, recover from stress, and reconnect with the inherent goodness within.
Join us for a day of iRest Yoga Nidra—a practice that’s designed to promote vibrant health, healing, and resilience at all levels of body, mind, and spirit.
Sanctuary’s Yoga Nidra Day Retreat will offer you a full day of relaxation, rejuvenation, and connection.

yoga nidra

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iRest Yoga Nidra is a simple yet profound path of meditation. What makes this particular approach to meditation so uniquely effective?
  • Comes from the ancient tradition of yoga nidra—it has stood the test of time as a pathway to awakening
  • Draws from current research in neuroscience—leveraging new ways to heal your brain and nervous system during practice
  • Incorporates Western psychology—creating a realistic meditation for modern life that supports healing
Yoga Nidra Day Retreat will include:
Gentle Flow Class
Discover a gentle yet dynamic practice for safely waking up the body to create space.
Two Yoga Nidra Sessions
Ease into a restful sleep or a momentary nap and come away feeling refreshed, alert, and alive.
Yin Yoga Class 
Learn restorative postures for everyday life.
Nourishing Ayurvedic Lunch 
Locally sourced and a homecooked meal.

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Limited spots are available. Register by November 15th to take advantage of the early bird price.

Early bird: $222

Standard: $250

Yoga and Finances with Megan Rutherford

Posted on: September 27th, 2017
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What about those recent hurricanes and floods in Austin?  Authorities gave us ample warnings.  There were graphs, charts, maps, lists and answers to frequently asked questions to help Austinites prepare.

The hurricane came at the end of the month.   For many, it was at the end of their paycheck. Some felt the stress on their physical body, emotional body, mental body and finances.

Would you have been prepared financially if your property were affected?  Thanks to yoga teacher, Megan Rutherford, students will have an  opportunity to improve their  financial life.


Create a better relationship with your finances

These are some of the scenarios to discuss with a financial counselor.  Megan Rutherford is a yoga teacher and a financial counselor with Northwestern Mutual, a brokerage company in Austin.

She is happy for the opportunity to help you create a better relationship with your finances.  Megan offers Financial Flow Workshop at Sanctuary Yoga.  The workshops offer an interactive group experience.  With mindfulness techniques, participants learn how to live a healthier lifestyle and improve their financial health.    During the workshops, the topics unfold to include  the needs of the attendees.  Topics may include:

The conversations you have with money.

Your relationship with money.

Mindful budgeting.



Your questions and feedback about the financial industry.

A Marriage of Techniques

Megan teaches different types of yoga at Sanctuary Yoga.  The different techniques help students in their journey.  The goal is a place where they are in the present moment.  These include Hatha Flow Yoga.  Also, mindfulness techniques paired with meditation.  The meditation could be seated and/or walking meditation, silent and guided meditation.

To get students started for the day, Megan teaches the faster-paced  Morning Flow Yoga.  The upbeat music and faster movements will get your blood flowing.  You will feel increased energy.

Creating New Habits

In this section, Megan explains why she teaches to create new habits.

“One of my favorite teachers here in Austin, Texas is Shawn Kent.  He has shared this idea with me and I love to share it in my classes.  And that is that we are a conditioned bundle of energy. 

A conditioned bundle of habit energy.   And, we have the right to choose. 

So we are a conditioned bundle of habit energy with a choice.  And, the choice is our responsibility. 

Responsibility is actually the ability to respond to our circumstances.  To our situations.  And so even though we are a conditioned bundle of habit energy, we are able to change that by mindfulness techniques, by meditation and just choosing to interrupt the story that we normally live.”



“During yoga, there is no reason to have your mind all over the place.

When your mind is floating out in space, focus on your hands to pull you into the present moment.  This helps by centering you back into the body.”

  1.  Bring your hand into prayer
  2.  Set your gaze just right out in front of the tip of your nose
  3.  Reach your hands up high and follow your hands with your gaze
  4.  Draw your hands back down the center line following the hands with your gaze



yoga students discover Austin’s Yoga Scene

Sentha is  from New York.  She chose to attend Megan’s midday Yoga and Meditation class.  Sentha wanted to check out the yoga scene.  She also wanted to help her friend Blanca discover yoga.  She felt that yoga is one thing to do to survive in a big city like  Austin.  This was Blanca’s first yoga class.

Why do people choose to visit Sanctuary Yoga?  Austin offers a variety of yoga studios. But here, Sentha shares her  three key reasons for choosing Sanctuary Yoga:
“The name itself.”
“The beautiful space.”
“The fact that it was a nonprofit.”