The Present

Posted on: September 12th, 2013
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The Present

I’ve heard for years about the importance of consciously staying in the present, and I understood why, but I’ve struggled at times with putting it into practice. The other day something really clicked for me, though: if I remain in the present moment and appreciate every aspect of what it is, it will potentially change the future, therefore rendering thinking about my imagined future a waste of time and energy. I’ve begun to think of life as one giant meditation…observing as the mind wanders and bringing it back into focus, back to what’s happening now.

In the past, we may not have felt as if we had a choice in letting someone disturb our peace, but part of becoming present is owning the power we have in this moment. In this moment, we can choose not to allow the past to determine our happiness and self worth. If we can make that choice in each present moment, that’s the most we can do. All we can do is be here now. (Speaking of which, I highly recommend that you read “Be Here Now” by Ram Dass if you haven’t yet!)

Accepting the past exactly as it is gives us freedom. It is a huge weight lifted. We are letting go of trying change what has already happened, whether we are doing it intentionally or subconsciously. We suffered, we learned, we changed. This also helps us recognize that we do not have to attempt to change what has already happened by recreating events and relationships that we have already experienced. Acceptance can help us become aware of the patterns we have gotten caught in as a means to stay connected to the past in some way. I honor every experience in my life up until now for all that I have learned, but it does not have to determine the conditions of my current life.

So, if we previously let someone or something from our past contribute negatively to our lives, why would we give them the honor of being a part of our present? After all, right here, right now is all we truly have.

~ Isabelle Barron


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