Bacon to Bikram: Casa de Vinyasa con Familia

Posted on: June 5th, 2013
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Casa de Vinyasa con Familia 

Wednesday, June 5


I haven’t done yoga in forever! My apologies… But today is a good day! Not only because I am starting up yoga again, but because my two aunts are coming too! My aunt Melissa just arrived Sunday from Zambia, and my aunt Emily is who I am staying with in Austin this summer. I’m excited. We will be taking the 1:30 Vinyasa yoga class, which is good for me because I get to hang out with them and good for them because it’s only $5! Woohoo!



So I ate before yoga again…. But look at it, how can you blame me? Ohh yeah, now you’re sorry you missed Nourish Thyself today, aren’t you?

photo (2)









I was sweaty again after class today, but I’m wearing the same shirt that I was wearing in the last sweaty picture I took, so I didn’t want y’all to think I only owned three shirts. We did crunches! That surprised me, but I really needed it. I struggled trying to do them non-stop for 30-seconds and as a former lacrosse and volleyball player, that’s kind of sad. Also, the teacher’s music was on point! At first, I thought it might distract me because it was more upbeat than the other music they have played during class, but it seemed much more energizing. Maybe it’s because I am such an upbeat person already. Oh and we OOMMMed like in the movies. At first, I felt silly, but luckily we only did it once at the beginning of class. Then, when we OOMMMed again at the end of class, I kinda liked it because we all harmonized so well and I’m a sucker for good harmonization. And I can’t believe I almost forgot — I did a head stand! It was harder than it looks and the instructor helped me so much, but she kept at it until I was able to fully execute one. Go me! I’m pretty sure my legs and my abs (I have a six pack, you just have to dig in the cooler to find it) will probably be sore tomorrow, but I will update you if anything exciting happens! Woohoo, yoga!



Lessons Learned:
– It’s pronounced keen-wah, not quin-on-uh.
– Not all yoga music makes you want to take a nap.
– I can do a headstand.
– I can’t speak Spanish.

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