30 Second Mindfulness

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In the Western world, the idea of mindfulness has gone viral in recent years. This is a great thing of course, as our over-worked and over-consuming culture needs more mindfulness. The one resonating complaint people still give though, is not having enough time during the day to practice any kind of mindfulness. My favorite thing about mindfulness is that it completely diminishes this complaint, as it can be achieved in as little as 30 seconds!

Here are my favorite ways to mindfulness, that can all be achieved in 30 seconds or less:

Smell the nearest flower.

Stand up strait and tall, and practice your best tadasana, mountain pose.

Grab a pen, and sketch the nearest edible object.

Write down two things you are grateful for, in this very moment.

Take two deep inhales and exhales. Flutter your lips like a horse as you exhale the second time.

Stand up and stretch your arms out into a “T”. Inhale as your stretch them up to the sky and together.

Notice your posture in this very moment. Are you slouching? Are you leaning on an object? Try to reach the crown of your head to the ceiling. Lower your shoulders away from your ears.

Smile until you start laughing.

Drop your chin to your chest. Release the weight of your head, now roll it from side to side, pausing at any tender spots.

Go outside. Close your eyes and point your nose up to the sun.


Some of these activities may be strange and some of them may not make sense, but they are all guaranteed to make you more in tune with the present moment. Mindfulness doesn’t have to be a chore or a 15 minute meditation, it can simply be remembering to stop and walk through life with a little more consciousness and a little more awareness, even in small 30 second moments.

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