6 Reasons Why A Tennis Ball Is Your New Self Care Go To

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Wilson? Is that you? No delusion here. Meet your new bestie: a tennis ball.

butterfly on tennis ball, photo by @zarakirkan on Instagram

butterfly on tennis ball, photo by @zarakirkan on Instagram

A Tennis Ball is a Self Care Shortcut

After attending a restorative yoga class where tennis balls were incorporated into the practice, I have never looked at tennis balls the same way. In the class we lay down on our backs, and placed the ball under our bodies. Beginning at the neck, we rolled over the balls to massage out knots and tension, progressively working our way down. This was a self controlled form of massage and trigger point release. I was hooked. Since then, I have continued this practice at home for several reasons.


While I would love to spend an evening receiving a massage at my favorite spa after a yoga class, that can get pretty pricey very quickly. Unless you have someone in your life such as a significant other or a friend who gives you free massages regularly, a great and low cost alternative is using a tennis ball underneath the weight of your own body. For only two to three dollars you can buy a three pack (prices vary on brand and store).

2. Schedule

You can have a massage whenever you want. Wherever you want. On your time. You decide! No rushing to an appointment, or waiting for someone to show up.

3. Portability

Oh the places you and your tennis ball will go. You can throw a tennis ball into your bag, bring it to the office and use it between your body and a wall.  You can bring it to Barton Springs and use it while laying out in the sun getting your tan. It’s up to you!

4. Self Guided

You are in control of the massage. You control the pressure, motion, and duration of massage. No more waiting and wondering when that masseuse is gonna get to that one spot. The spot. Ahhh.

5. Reusable

Tennis balls last a long time. You really have to work to destroy one. If that’s not the case for you, please comment below with your experiences.

6. Multi-purpose

Have a dog? Play tennis? Bored and just want to throw a ball at something? Have fun with it! Take that ball with you to Zilker Park, lay out on a picnic blanket, get your massage on, then if you don’t mind the drool, play fetch with your dog. Or enhance your baseball practice with your pet tiger. You don’t have to re-use those ones on yourself, but if you buy a tube of them, you still have plenty more for future use.

Calvin And Hobbes play baseball with a tennis ball, photo by Calvin And Hobbes 1989

Calvin And Hobbes play baseball with a tennis ball, comic/image by Calvin And Hobbes 1989


What other uses do you have for a tennis ball? Comment below!

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