Bacon to Bikram: Beginner Bihar

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And So It Begins! 

Tuesday, May 14th


About to go to my first yoga class…”Beginner Class”, luckily. It’s a whole hour long! I think the longest I have sat still for an hour was during the last television show I watched, though I can’t tell you what it was…Here we go!


So, first of all, my posture sucks. It sucks so bad that it hurts my back to sit up straight because it is such a foreign concept to my body. Second, I went to the wrong class. My first class was not supposed to be until tomorrow but I guess I was SO excited to start that I got ahead of myself. Luckily, the class I attended today was also a beginner class, but this was Beginner’s Yoga, Bihar style.


Still not sure what Bihar means but the teacher was great at explaining everything, maybe because I pre-warned her that I had never been before…ever. The small class size helped greatly, and the instructor made sure to make everyone go at my pace, so I wouldn’t miss anything or strain myself by rushing. I will definitely have to look up all the terms I learned today, though. Oh oh and also? The instructor was going to stop the group at an early level of meditation because I was new but afterwards she told us that, because I was doing such a good job of sitting still, that she didn’t stop us like she had planned. WOOHOO! I should get a plaque for not talking for an entire hour. But for real though. Also, my aunt has roped my uncle and I into “going veg” for the summer. The “Bacon to Bikram” might just seem like a cute alliteration but I really do consume a lot of bacon….used to consume a lot of bacon.


Lessons Learned:
– Hyper people can do yoga too!
– Don’t kill a bug in the middle of yoga class. He will find his own way out.
– Microwaves are bad.

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