Bacon to Bikram: The Story of a Yoga Newbie

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Yogi — Not Just a Bear Anymore

Monday, May 13th

Do you love bacon? Me too.
Do you know what Bikram is? Me neither.
Have you ever blogged before? Me neither. Get excited.

Unorthodoxically, I started my internship at the Amala Foundation on a Friday….then I realized nothing was unorthodox to the Amala staff, family, and friends. Amala’s space is its own green adventure, nestled between construction sites in downtown Austin.

building front

For me, summer began at 10:34 Thursday night when I turned in my very last paper at the very last minute. Then, before dawn on Friday, I packed the car and made the drive for Austin, armed with three hours of sleep and a desire to slow down my recently accelerating (collegiate) life style. I quickly found out that the Amala Foundation was going to do more than just help me slow down. As soon as I walked in to the space, everyone’s desire to serve was immediately apparent. Not to mention, they have a huge outdoor space with benches and trees and flowers and wind chimes. I love wind chimes. They even have a two story space behind the main house that they rent out to the community and where they hold yoga classes, whose proceeds help support the Foundation’s youth programs. The thing is…I’ve never done yoga, and in a city like Austin, apparently that’s kind of like saying I have five eyes. Should I buy my own mat? Are there different kinds of mats? What’s the best yoga mat for a beginner like me? What do I wear? Is there set yoga attire I need to know about? What kind of shoes am I supposed to wear? Do we even wear shoes?

For the next 30 days, I’ll be taking
3 yoga classes a week at Sanctuary Yoga Studio, so I’ll find out soon enough. But I’ve already told them they aren’t going to get me to stop eating meat! Though I have consumed more organic and vegan food in the last 72 hours than I have in 22 years.

Until next time!


Lessons Learned:
– Traffic…just traffic.
– Austin has a comedy radio station!
– Healthy food keeps you full longer.

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