Butt-Kicking Yoga: Class Review

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Tonight, I went to the 8pm All Levels Vinyasa class. I’ve been to it before; It’s a great class where you usually sweat a little bit, relax a lot, and feel accomplished and “Zen-ed out” by the time you land in shavasana. However, I had not done this class with Lizzie Aguirre – and it was a completely different experience! For the first time since I attempted a Forrest class, I experienced some true, butt-kicking yoga.

This class was different from anything I’ve done so far at Sanctuary. Lizzie began class by asking us to partner up with the person next to us, and talk about something in ourselves that we’re self-conscious about. After a few minutes, we were then asked to talk about how opening up about our vulnerabilities made us feel.

As this was going on, I noticed the room was getting much warmer. I’m used to either doing yoga in regular room temperature, or, occasionally, sweating out of every pore in a hot yoga class at 104 degrees. Today, the room was heated to somewhere in the upper 80s / lower 90s, because within the first ten minutes, I had to grab my towel to wipe off my face.

After the brief partner work, we got into our vinyasa flow. The movements were quick, and we did a few sequences that had us spinning around on our mats (this has a lovely name in Sanskrit, which I promptly forgot, but I loved the idea of there being a name for sequences that have you face each side of the mat in turn), and because things were flowing so quickly, the next 40 minutes flew by. In the last few moments of class before resting, Lizzie had us do some ab work. Now, I’ve done core exercises before in yoga, but none like this – it’s only a few hours after class, and I can already tell I will be sore for the next few days! She led us in three exercises, all of which made my abs feel like they were on fire, and which made gliding into shavasana that much more pleasant.

I’m used to slower, slightly less “athletic” flows in my practice, but I have to say that Lizzie did such a wonderful job of keeping everything fluid and upbeat, that I think I may just have to join her butt-kicking yoga classes more often… maybe once my core stops burning!

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