Yoga class, workshop, 3rd chakra and painting

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3rd Chakra support

Sanctuary Yoga offers yoga classes and workshops and much more.  Recently, a workshops offered by Yoga teacher Leticia Alvarez featured the 3rd chakra.  Balancing Your 3rd Chakra Through Yoga and Painting to be exact. The workshop, offered on a Saturday, began with yoga poses to support and open the 3rd Chakra.  Free form painting followed.  There was no need for drawing or painting lessons.

Each participant named  some pretty good reasons for attending.  Listen as an out-of-town visitor, gives her reasons.  (sorry about the sound).  It’s not unusual to find out that the folks visiting from  out of town magically find their way to Sanctuary Yoga because of the variety of classes.


There are good reasons for focusing on the 3rd Chakra.  Known as the Solar Plexus Chakra, the manipura in Sanskript, the Yellow Chakra.    Leticia Alvarez, the yoga teacher facilitated the workshop as a way to help herself and those in need:

I selected the 3rd Chakra (the solar plexus chakra), the manipura in Sanskript to help those in a transition phase of their life.  Many feel that they need help with will-power and self-confidence and esteem to move.forward in their life and to complete projects.

Support and self-assurance through creativity

The next phase involved drawing and paining.  Participants were asked to trust their judgement in their decision to create their art. Some titled their art right away.  Others like me, decided to spend some time with the drawing.

It was really helpful to take it home and spend time just noticing what decision was made in choosing the colors and/or shapes.  By looking at the artistic rendition right side up, upside down, sideways, a theme and characteristics became apparent.  This enabled me as participant to name my drawing.  At the end of the workshop,  it felt as if the art supported you, your decisions and beliefs.  Very 3rd chakra!

Yoga poses, painting and drawing all helped to open and support the 3rd chakra.




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