My Favorite Types of Yoga at Sanctuary – So Far

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Sanctuary Yoga offers a number of different types of yoga classes in their Austin studio. I have not yet had a chance to try them all out (I swear I’ll make it to Morning Squeeze someday!), but of the ones I have done, there are a few favorites that really stand out. In no particular order:

  • Vinyasa Yoga All Levels
    One of the many “flow” classes offered at Sanctuary, this all-levels Vinyasa is great for people who have had a little bit of an introduction to yoga. You’ll get a little sweaty, but few of the asanas will push you past your comfort level. However, if you do want to try something a little more challenging, teachers are always willing to work with you to deepen your pose.
  • Candlelit Restorative / Wash the Day Away
    Something I had never tried before, these restorative yoga classes have made an enormous impact on me, and have quickly become my favorite types of yoga. The point of these classes is to slowly ease your body into relaxation (which is why they’re only offered in the evenings – they make for a GREAT night’s sleep!). You will do fewer poses, but you will hold each one for longer than usual, and you will quite often use props to gently support your body. I’ve found these two classes in particular to be extremely helpful in relaxing the mind, and not just the body.

types of yoga

  • Greenbelt Yoga at Barton Springs
    On Saturday mornings, a group collects at the Spyglass entrance of the Barton Greenbelt to go on a two-hour yoga hike. They hike through the beautiful greenbelt and stop at a few locations to go through a short flow, to meditate, or occasionally to do some partner work. The hike makes for a wonderful start to the weekend, and it’s especially beautiful when the creek is full and trees are green. (If you’d like a step-by-step walkthrough of our Saturday hikes, I wrote about my experience a couple of months ago.)
  • Intermediate Vinyasa
    I love the fact that this intermediate Vinyasa class allows you to really try out new things. The postures tend to go deeper, and there are more opportunities for inversions, arm-balances, and extra vinyasas. The yoga instructors are great about guiding you towards the right balance of feeling challenged without straining yourself or pushing your body too far. This has been the class where I’ve really learned the most about what my body can (and can’t!) do.

If you haven’t yet had a chance to try one of these classes, I highly encourage you to go to one this week. Maybe you want to learn a new pose, or spend some time outside, or even just treat yourself to a restorative class that will help you wash away your workweek. The studio offers classes six days per week, and there are many different types of yoga to try. I hope to see you there!

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