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I have a confession to make. I had not been to yoga at Sanctuary in a few weeks, and it hadn’t bothered me. Life was busy and I enjoyed the fact that I had a stocked-up schedule from morning ‘til night. I was managing to get exercise through the occasional run or bike ride, and although I did feel myself missing the studio, I had trouble making the time.

Then I found out that I was going to be getting three separate surgeries on my leg in December, which meant that I was going to have to slow down – way, way down. I was told to avoid strenuous activity (no more running or cycling), and absolutely no over-stressing myself; I could go for walks, and I could go to yoga.

So when the time for my first surgery rolled around, I started to seriously cut down on my social life and parts of my calendar, and I went to Sanctuary for my first Vinyasa class in a month. About 5 minutes in, I started crying.

I had been holding in so much tension and stress that when I finally took an hour to indulge myself and treat my body, I was actually overwhelmed with emotion. The change in pace from “go go go!” to a complete stop simply put me in shock. And it was perfect. I was so incredibly happy! After an hour of flowing through poses and breathing and really focusing on the moment at hand, I felt like an enormous weight had been lifted from my shoulder.


Life is busy. Especially during the holiday season – office parties, Ugly Sweater parties, traveling to see family, putting in extra hours at work to pay for all those flights and presents. Anyone would be overwhelmed.

So my December challenge to you, dear readers, is to give yourself a holiday gift and make it out to at least one class this week. Hopefully you won’t cry like I did (it was a little bit embarrassing, to be honest, but I just needed to let it go!), but you will be kind to yourself, which is one of the best gifts you can give this season.

Love to you all!

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