How community nourishes my soul.

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How community nourishes my soul.

How community nourishes my soul.


I have come to realize that just as self care, yoga and meditation nourish my soul, so does community. Gathering with those who genuinely want to share their precious time with you and you with them. As I grow within my journey, I realize that I get to choose my community. Choosing to meet those that have similar passions and missions is so important to me on this path that I am on.  I am still transitioning out of my stagnant work environment from the past twenty years, but I have a precious few that I call”family.” For this I am grateful for. Sometimes as you let go of jobs and experiences, you have to let go of people to open space for new. This is how I feel about the community within Amala and being part of their weekly community lunches and yoga at Sanctuary. I have opened my heart to receive and through this, the community has been nourishing not only for my body, but for my soul.

Amala Community Lunches: Nourishing.

For the past few weeks, I have been taking part in Amala’s weekly lunches where the community proceeds benefit the Foundation. They have volunteers that cook, clean and put love into serving their community gathering. Many there, I feel may have been part of this community already but each smile lights up the room welcoming you as you walk in. Any feelings of “the first day of school” jitters quickly disappeared and I felt right at home. It amazes me that when you open up, are open and surround yourself with those that want to be there, what you leave with. Yes, I left satisfied. Yes, even a bit full. But, most of all, I left with this sense of community nourishing my soul. Each time I have visited, I am able to meet and share with those on a similar journey as myself. Seeking community, making changes in their life to benefit the better good, and sharing bravery. I left with supportive stories in just that short time and have been able to give my support and undivided attention while sipping my cup of warm nourishing soup. It is within this that I feel the warmth that these community lunches have nourished and wrapped its arms around my soul, deeper than I could imagine.

Yoga at sanctuary

In my short time practicing at Sanctuary, I already feel when I step in the room that I am part of something bigger. Something divine. This community at many of my mediation yoga classes share their space and hearts in a very deep way. I always feel that those four walls are safe for me. This yoga community and the teachers are always so inviting and I see a sense of welcoming to new and existing students that goes far beyond being nice. They want to be there. They want you to feel that and it is done so effortlessly that my soul is so satisfied, so nourished each time.


So, as I move toward my dreams of working with children and community through yoga and mediation, I know that the Amala Foundation and Sanctuary yoga will be part of my new home. If you want to join us, here is the link:





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