Bacon to Bikram: In Stitches at Indigo

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In Stitches at Indigo

Thursday, June 27th

stitch  n.

1. A single complete movement of a threaded needle in sewing or surgical suturing.


in stitches Informal

1. Laughing uncontrollably.

I haven’t blogged in forever! I’m sorry. For the last two weeks, I have been super busy helping out with this year’s Camp Indigo. But even if I had not been at Indigo, I still would not be able to do yoga. Shoot, I’m having a hard time even walking because I fell last week and had to get stitches in my shin. I’m clumsy. Hence, today’s title – “In Stitches” – because I am literally sutured, and because the kids at Camp Indigo have had me “in stitches”.

So… I have worked with kids since I practically was one, and have been a camp counselor back home for years and years. The difference was, we were around water, so we had to be strict, whereas at Camp Indigo, that is not the way things work. Okay, so maybe the “had to be strict” thing is a cop out. Maybe it is easier to discipline a child immediately rather than do a little investigation into the motive behind the behavior. That’s what I am slowly learning…on the second to last day of the last week. But hey, never late than never, right? It is also super cool seeing all the names of the kids because I’m a sucker for unique names. Lastly, it is interesting to see an organization/a camp being run with such a deep concern for the well being of the children, the parents, the families, the volunteers, and the community. It is not a camp in the sense that it is a time filler for children in the absence of school, but it is a week (or two) of a deep investment in growth and awareness.

And lastly, lessons learned!

Lessons Learned:
– Aerosol sunscreen is bad.
– Wasps are docile in the early morning.
– Stitches can’t get wet.
– Children are extra sympathetic to adults with boo-boos.


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