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Sometimes, living in Austin, the choices we have for everything ranging from food, fitness and overall wellness can be overwhelming. In any given part of the city there are so many wellness business options that it’s often easiest to just go with the most convenient, location wise, or the most affordable. The fact that we are such a wellness minded city is great though, because it creates opportunities for many different types of people to participate in healthy activities such as yoga and meditation. Recently, I’ve had an increasing number of friends of mine inquiring about where the best places for meditation in Austin are, especially for beginners who want to learn how.

The truth is, one of my favorite places to meditate is in the comfort of my own home, first thing in the morning or right before bed. I’ve learned a lot just by practicing with meditation at home, reading different spiritual books as a guide. That being said, there is something powerful about meditating in the presence of others, especially in a yoga studio, with an instructor leading you through. For those that seek guidance in their meditation practice, Sanctuary Yoga offers a Yoga and Meditation class 4 days a week. The majority of these classes are taught conveniently after 5pm. While almost any yoga class these days will give time for meditation, it’s refreshing to take a class that dedicates itself to the practice of meditation just as much as the practice of the asanas. It’s also helpful to take the Yoga and Meditation class on different days because each Sanctuary instructor provides different ideas on how to find a relaxing meditative state. With the support of Sanctuary Yoga’s beautiful space, and wonderfully led yoga classes, it becomes one of my top recommendations for meditation in Austin for anyone.


Of course, meditation in Austin is wonderful to do outside too. Knowing that we typically have over 200 hundred days of sunshine each year in Austin, parks, barton springs and even the greenbelt become ideal places for meditation in Austin. Luckily for us, Sanctuary Yoga offers greenbelt yoga every Saturday at 10 AM. There’s nothing more satisfying than yoga and meditation underneath the blue skies and sprawling trees of the greenbelt.

Perhaps finding meditation in Austin is easy for some. For those that need the extra guidance and community environment, Sanctuary Yoga’s meditation offerings are suitable for just about anyone. I hope to see you on the mat soon.

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