Meet Yoga Teacher Kim Humphreys: The Joyfulness of Effort

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an invitation to come into yourself

“Take a moment to come into yourself.”  Kim often begins her class with this invitation.  On the mat, to the right lies, The Book of Awakening.  On the left is a ‘singing bowl’.   Kim Humpreys sits in the middle.  Kim will use one or both of these tools to gift her students with the power of words and sounds during their yoga and meditation journey.

Breath into your left hips as if it had gills or a lung.

Make a sound.


Can you feel it in your hips?

Guiding Students

Kim speaks about the rewards of helping to guide students to  find their sense of wholeness and noticing a sense of accomplishment and joy within themselves.  Kim teaches Yoga Nidra

As a teacher I find it so rewarding when students are able to go inside and find something that they didn’t know was there.

In an Asana Class that might be discovering that they’re able to get into a pose that just seemed impossible at one point.

In a Yoga Nidra Class that might be opening up to that internal world of sensation and the joy that comes from tapping into their sense of wholeness, their sense of awareness that is always there.

Yoga heals

“My number one reason for becoming a yoga teacher was to share and pass on the teachings and practices that helped me heal from injuries and medical trauma. Yoga was prescribed to me in 1999 after a series of injuries and procedures in high school.   My yoga journey has been one of healing and strengthening.

Over the years, I found and studied Hatha yoga, yin yoga, meditation, iRest Yoga Nidra, vibrational sound therapy, ayurveda and other practices.  Each had profound effects on my body, mind and overall health and well-being.

As I recognized the effects of these practices in my own life, I became passionate about sharing them with others and decided to start teaching.”

nourish at sanctuary yoga

I first heard about Sanctuary Yoga and the Amala Foundation through a fellow teacher, Ann Pidcock. She was visiting from London.  We were both in a yoga training class. Ann shared that she was donating her time and teaching a few classes at Sanctuary Yoga while in Austin.  She told me about the studio and the amazing work of the Amala Foundation.

The first time I came for a class at Sanctuary, I was just smitten with the garden and the live oaks. It smelled like earth and flowers and rain. I knew I wanted this special place to be part of my life and my routine. As I started taking classes at Sanctuary, I found that the classes had the same feel as the gardens.  The classes felt nourishing.  Teaching at Sanctuary just felt really right. 

Rewards and Challenges

I find it most challenging and rewarding to fit my classes to every students’ needs. Every body and every person’s day is different, so everyone comes to class needing a little something different from their practice.
It’s so rewarding, though, when I’m able to weave in students’ requests and everyone leaves with a regulated nervous system, having taken exactly the class they  needed!

lunges, twists and a wall

Kim chose a few ‘go to’ poses based on their benefits and how they make her feel.


“I love all variations of lunges.  Lunges  make me feel strong and stable while also stretching out my hip flexors. I find that hip flexors always need to be opened a bit for me before the rest of my body can move.”

supine twist

Supine twist

I love to end a practice with a supine twist. It feels like a big sigh for my whole body.  This pose allows the release of anything I’ve been holding in during I am held by the floor.

Vipariti Karini or 'legs up the wall'

Vipariti Karini or ‘legs up the wall’

Vipariti Karini or ‘legs up the wall’ pose is another favorite of mine.  This pose is the perfect pose because (1) it helps to put me back in balance (2) acts as a pick-me-up (3) acts as a re-set button in the middle of the day (4) helps me to chill out by helping me to sleep right before bed. 

Be where you are! When we can open to all aspects of where we are and cultivate gratitude, contentment will follow.  
I thanked my sweet lovely mind for doing what it is meant to do. Think. I thanked my sweet heart for doing what it is meant to do. Feel.


Adding to the Variety

Sanctuary Yoga offers a variety of yoga classes in its small studio.  Yoga Nidra, one of the newest additions as taught by Kim receives appreciative comments by yogis like Pilar.  “I feel like I’m brand new.”  Another student, visiting from Orange, Texas was “thrilled” to be able to find a Yoga Nidra class during her visit to Austin.

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