Mindfulness & Goal-Setting

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I often wonder if others are as guilty of this as I am…”on Monday I am going to cut out dairy, gluten and sugar. And even though I don’t currently workout, I am going to start working out 5-6 times a week. I am also going to read more books. Write more. Oh and stop drinking alcohol too. And I should probably cut back on coffee while I am at it.”

Whoa. Talk about pressure.

Most people love to set extreme goals (perfect example…New Year’s resolutions) and are often disappointed by the end of the very first month. When we set unrealistic goals for the wrong reasons, we beat ourselves up to complete them, then beat ourselves up once more when we fail. And every time we fail, we relate that with goal-setting. Therefore, it becomes a chore when it should be a chance to renew ourselves. Change takes time. But more importantly it takes thoughtfulness, positive energy and support.

What if we became more mindful about our goal-setting? I’m not talking about losing five pounds, organizing your purses and quitting smoking (although that is probably a good idea). What are you truly being pulled towards? What are you aching to do? What is no longer serving you in your life? Don’t ignore that. Your intuition is your guiding light and it is there to make a difference.

October is a great time for renewal. The trees are changing, the weather is cooling off, a new season is upon us and your spirit is refreshed. We are pulling out the boots, ordering pumpkin spice lattes and breathing in fresh, crisp air. Things are dying in preparation to be reborn again in the spring. This is the perfect opportunity to really think about habits you have created, good and bad. What needs to die off in order to help you grow?

Focusing on one thing may seem uneventful at first. Especially when you are used to picking 17 things at once like myself. But focusing on one thing not only gives you a better chance at accomplishing it, it also relieves the pressure of goal-setting. You now have time to enjoy this goal that means something to you. Imagine setting your mind to one simple task and actually following through.

Pick ONE thing this month and see what you can accomplish. Being able to focus on one thing and achieve improvement, will give you a great boost in confidence. No opportunity for failure. Just a small step in the right direction.

Mindful goal-setting helps with answering questions like these…
Are you surrounding yourself with people that make you happy or do you have friends that drain you? How can you fix that?
Do you have an activity you can do alone that brings you peace, awareness or pure joy? Where can you find that?
What is something you have always wanted to try? What has stopped you?

Being more self-aware of your feelings will bring you to revolutions in your life that will allow peace. Know that everything you are doing is getting you closer to where you want to be. If you fall off course, you did not fail in any way. You are simply living.

Be kind to yourself. Be inspired. Inspire others.

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