New Year’s Resolutions

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New Year’s Resolutions.

The dreaded words. Some people absolutely loathe the idea of setting New Year’s Resolutions. We attribute New Year’s resolutions to failure. We start the year off with high hopes and quickly feel defeated in the early months, possibly weeks, to come.

I talk about goal setting a lot. Why? Well because goals are important. You may never get to every single one, after all we are ever evolving, but you will get to some of them and that’s important. You set them because they mean something to you. And accomplishing even just one, is fulfilling.

One thing I typically do, is set goals for the next year WAY before New Year’s Eve (as discussed in my Mindfulness & Goal Setting post). I like to take my time to think about what is truly important to me and how I am going to make subtle changes. This year I am a little late but there is no deadline. Not even December 31st.

My New Year goal setting has changed dramatically over the years. I used to put things on there like “save your money” or “lose 5 pounds” or “go back to school”. Those are great goals but we need to dig a little deeper. We need to be more specific. Why are you saving? What are you losing weight for? What will going to school do for you? We need to be more mindful of how we want to change our ways. We need to evaluate what is important and how this will positively impact our life. We also need to think about how it will make us feel if we don’t accomplish them. Sometimes by looking at how we will feel if we don’t accomplish something, it will simply give you the motivation to work harder.

As I look back on my list of goals for this year, I accomplished some big ones. Ones that I probably jotted down more out of habit and not actually expecting to complete them. Space filler. I also had goals that I strive for every year that I am in the exact same spot with. As frustrating as it is, that’s ok. If I were to accomplish every single goal in my mind, I think that would be considered perfection and as we all know, none of us are perfect. I will still write the same goals down year to year in hopes one day I accomplish them. And it will happen. Three of my major goals I accomplished this year have been on my list since the beginning of time. And now they are complete. To say I am “happy” with myself for that is an understatement. I am ecstatic. Overjoyed. Proud. And what a great feeling that is. So if you are struggling with a couple in particular, keep putting them on your list. One day it will be the right time to set your sights on something you have long awaited for. And you will accomplish it.

Write it down, big and small. Revisit throughout the year and see how far you have come. And know that you are never failing.


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