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Have you had an experience at Sanctuary Yoga that has impacted your life on or off the mat? We invite you to share your voice. Every now and then a student leaves a message of their experience at Sanctuary that is so heart warming, it would be wrong not to share.

beautiful fall leaves on the ground

Are these leaves any less beautiful when carried away by the breeze?

Yoga practice can be a very personal and private journey, as we all are on our own path.  Simultaneously, we are all in this together.

So, today’s post is extra special because there are two student reviews of Sanctuary Yoga we are delighted to share with you. From an anonymous student, here is the first heartwarming message:

Student email:
I just want to share how much comfort Sanctuary Yoga has given to me since I started attending earlier this summer.  It’s been a difficult stretch of time for me this year, going through a separation and now a divorce.  I’ve always struggled with connecting to the yoga practice.  My office offers free sessions on site every week and I don’t even attend because yoga has always stressed me out.  I forget to breathe, I worry about holding the poses, and I just can’t seem to find any release.  Attending a New Moon Restorative Workshop / Sound Bath at Sanctuary once night completely changed my perception of what yoga could be.  I have been attending Restorative sessions every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday night with you ever since and I can’t tell you what a gift it has been to me.  Learning to find healing in the stillness and quiet has been sustaining and truly restorative.  Your diverse instructors are all so caring and bring something special to each session.  I look forward to this routine of mine every week.

The power of WOrd

With the right intention, one word can lift the heart and spirit.

Community voice is something we need to share and encourage. The power of word is incredible. There is a reason why world leaders and public figures are known for their speeches. It leaves an emotional impact. The same can be said for a simple review or message about your experiences in our community.

Words are transformative to our wellbeing. Thoughts become our words. Words become our actions. Actions become our habits, and so on…

It becomes a ripple effect. What kind of ripple would you like to create in the world? For this reason, we must think before we speak.

And also for this reason, when we receive something so kind and thoughtful, sharing it back is a gift. It becomes another positive ripple. Here is the second review from a student named Jim:


Wow!!  I’ve just moved back to Austin less than a month ago and live right next to [another yoga studio.]  It had felt so sterile I decided to check out this donation based studio everyone seemed to love, Sanctuary Yoga.  I had to uber there for fear of getting lost.
Where has this place been all of my life??  Seriously.  I was lost outside and two really nice people helped me find it and Alec’s class was nothing short of perfect.  The studio itself is this fantastic little slice of heaven in the middle of chaos.  It was truly unlike any other studio I’ve ever visited in my 2.5 years of practicing.  Such a warm and chilled out vibe, the aesthetics are dreamy and the students attending the class were extremely kind and welcoming.
I plan on making Alec’s Monday night class a staple and on the way home signed up for a Wednesday night class, skipping tonight only to attend a dinner party.  I’m hooked and wonder how anyone could ever practice in those cookie cutter, corporate-esque studios again after experiencing Sanctuary.  I walked away in wonderment, realizing this is where I want to practice yoga every time.  It was that impactful.
Thank you for your follow up.  I’ve been telling people about it all morning.  Have a great afternoon and I look forward to seeing you guys tomorrow night.
Jim Ward

WhAt IS ALL THE EXCITEMENT ABOUT? WHo and What is Sanctuary Yoga?

The more I learn about Sanctuary Yoga, the more I love it. The more my heart grows. Cheesy but true. Here is a little about the studio:

Sanctuary Yoga is a nonprofit studio using awareness and movement to build an equitable, inclusive, and compassionate community.  Sanctuary is a refuge from the fast-paced world of competition, stress, and individual pursuits. It is a place to slow down, breathe, be kind to your body and mind, and admire an ancient tree.  To be fair, this picture below really doesn’t do any justice to the size and beauty of this ancient oak. No gimmick here. Just Mother Nature.

An ancient tree shades and inspires through our sacred space

An ancient tree shades and inspires through our sacred space


Wait, a nonprofit yoga studio?

Now, this information is something extra special that I’m excited to share with you. It is actually how I first discovered Sanctuary Yoga in my journey.  I was researching different local Austin non-profits at the time, and this truly captured my attention. Having volunteered for a few different events, I personally can say this is a non-profit that I trust.

Proceeds from Sanctuary’s classes benefit the youth programs of the Amala Foundation, meaning your practice makes it possible for youth from diverse cultural, racial, and socioeconomic backgrounds to come together to connect, grow, and serve as conscious leaders.

Welcome to Sanctuary Yoga and the Amala Foundation, where your practice starts a ripple.

I hope this post has brought you some joy today. Whether you have never stepped foot inside a yoga studio and are just exploring, or you are a seasoned yogi familiar with Sanctuary Yoga or The Amala Foundation, welcome home.  Welcome to the ripple!

When a student leaves a message or review that is so moving, we cannot help but share it! Do you have any experiences at Sanctuary Yoga or The Amala Foundation you would like to share? Send us an email or comment below!



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