The Universe will Catch you

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Laying on the ground I feel a resistance. I don’t want to be still, my mind is racing and my tummy is rumbling. I feel the floor and listen to my breath. Focusing on the rise and fall, the sound of a wave, my muscles soften and I embrace the firm cushion of the ground beneath me. Smooth and still, it sits, waiting for me to fall. Waiting for me to bounce back. It is constant, secure, safe.

Savasana is a place where we seal our practice and open our hearts, arms, hands and soles of our feet to the universe. We let go of whatever did or didn’t happen that day and release. Opening ourselves to a force greater and more powerful than us is scary. Relinquishing our fears to the unknown is even more daunting. We don’t know what we’ll end up with or where it will take us.

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” —Anaïs Nin

Giving the universe or God the opportunity to hold us steady gives us the chance to succeed, grow and become who we were designed to be. Holding on to past experiences and negative thoughts only hold us back, physically and emotionally. Imagine a tree who was too afraid to stretch it’s roots through the soil because it was scared it might hit a rock or a spider… or if it didn’t want to extend its branches high in fear of getting struck by lightening. Without deep roots it couldn’t grow as expansive and without reaching it’s branches there would be no leaves, flowers or fruit.

So what do we have that a tree doesn’t have? A brain, thoughts, mobility, emotions, opposable thumbs… okay so we’re clearly very different, but it’s these differences that hold us back in life. Our hearts and minds are always holding on to something. What does the tree do? It stands strong, digging it’s roots through turmoil to build a firm foundation. It accepts what is, where it is and plants itself so that is can flourish.

All this being said, let’s try to have the courage to be like the tree. You don’t always have to be running to or from something to be going somewhere. You don’t always have to move quickly through vinyasas in yoga class. You don’t even have to be productive all the time. Sometimes you just gotta plant your roots, extend your branches and remember that the universe will provide. You are safe and secure and it’s okay to let go.



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