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Proceeds from each yoga class benefit the youth programs of the Amala Foundation.


Beginners Series

beginners yoga
special offering :: beginners series Beginner Series with Emily Brennan begins Monday, May 1st! New to yoga? Let us introduce you to what might be the beginning of an incredible journey. This 4 week
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I have often beenĀ discouraged by the word “hustle.” While growing up, it was touted to me when I was “lolly-gagging” and even recently, I have pondered how and why everyone is in such a
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Power Within

There is something innate about power. Everyone has power within. Especially this fist pumping baby. For the full effect be sure to click here to see the on the fly video by local radio
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Place iRest Yoga Nidra Under Your Self-Care Umbrella

“Yoga Nidra is a systematic method that inspires physical, mental and emotional relaxation. This class begins with gentle movements, then a long period spent reclined on the back, where you are guided through a
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Our Mission

Sanctuary Yoga Austin is a non-profit South Austin yoga studio that offers an intimate space devoted to the deepening and upliftment of humanity.


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