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Proceeds from each yoga class benefit the youth programs of the Amala Foundation.


Let’s Get Real | Yoga for Connection

Connection starts with you. You can be a teacher. You can be a friend. Your stories can transform, heal, comfort and help others grow. Your story matters. Share your story and connect to others by becoming a
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Private Yoga Instruction | Start Where You Are

Are you looking to get more out of your yoga practice? Sanctuary is now offering private yoga instruction to invite students to deepen their practice by working one-on-one with some of Austin’s best yoga
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Vulnerability in Yoga

One of the greatest, and sometimes most difficult, parts of yoga practice is allowing yourself to be completely open and vulnerable. We grow accustomed to holding in the parts of us that are hurting,
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Yoga Practice Beyond the Mat

there is a voice that doesn't use words. Listen
When we practice yoga, we often hear, “listen to your body and what it needs” or “be gentle on yourself”. It is implied early on in our practice that the yoga mat is a
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Our Mission

Sanctuary Yoga Austin is a non-profit South Austin yoga studio that offers an intimate space devoted to the deepening and upliftment of humanity.


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