Proceeds from each yoga class benefit the youth programs of the Amala Foundation.


200 HR Community Yoga Teacher Training

200 HR Teacher Training
What The 200-hour Community Yoga teacher training is the first of it’s kind in Austin. Offering a diverse and intimate setting for students who are inspired to become a facilitator of yoga and mindfulness
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Soften the Edges and Use Your Breath! Yoga with Emily Farr

Emily Farr trained as a classical ballet dancer, a singer, and actress.  As a yogi, she teaches yoga and meditation at Sanctuary Yoga.  Every yoga teacher brings their own unique gifts and all of
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Yoga and Art -River Stone Mandala Painting

yoga workshop
The Mandala from the Sanskrit word for circle refers to the sense of wholeness created by circular, concentric forms. It is known as a spiritual meditation symbol in many Eastern religions. The Mandala circle
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6 Reasons Why A Tennis Ball Is Your New Self Care Go To

butterfly on tennis ball, photo by @zarakirkan on Instagram
Wilson? Is that you? No delusion here. Meet your new best friend: a tennis ball. 
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Our Mission

Sanctuary Yoga Austin is a non-profit South Austin yoga studio that offers an intimate space devoted to the deepening and upliftment of humanity.


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